August 10, 2011

An absolutely fascinating article on Cincinnati (that has nothing to do with food).

I just loved this article in n+1 magazine. Hope this holds you until I have something to say. Hat tip to Erin Kidwell.
August 5, 2011

The Only Thing Worse Than The Bengals Is The Food Served at Their Games

Hi there, Mo Egger from ESPN1530 and 700WLW here.  Despite insulting some fine tri-state dining institutions a year ago, Julie has me back to fill-in during […]
August 4, 2011

New Menu Items at Stone Creek + Moerlein Lager House

When Julie asked me write a blog while she’s gone this week, I knew exactly what I’d write about. A few weeks ago, I had a […]
August 3, 2011

The Culinary Trials of the Suburbanite Dad

We all agree that food is kind of important, right?  And not just “if you don’t eat something, your body will shrivel up like prune set […]
August 2, 2011

Cocktail Contest at Japp’s on August 4th

For those of you who aren’t going to Paul McCartney, you can see three local female bartenders compete in a cocktail creation contest sponsored by Edible […]
August 2, 2011

It’s Sales Meeting time again…

I’m taking a breather from sessions to say hello, and also mention that this week will be all about some guest bloggers while I toil away […]