November 8, 2012

November Events

Sorry, folks, that I’ve been MIA– new job and responsibilities are taking up a ton of time, and I’ve been on the road (I’m currently in […]
October 31, 2012

Dining: Spots to Look Out For

There is a swath of development around the city’s restaurant scene, with several new places opening in the next few months.  Where should you be heading? […]
October 26, 2012

YMCA: Rebuilding

I walk through Washington Park every day, usually in the evening, to head to the Y.  I really like my walk– I always see something interesting. […]
October 25, 2012

Review: Goodfellas and Wiseguys

I love it when my friends disagree. One friend invited me out to drinks and suggested Wiseguys for their craft cocktails. “But don’t try the pizza […]
October 24, 2012

Review: Brew River Gastropub

Brew….riiiiver…. Yes, I get that very cliched Breakfast at Tiffany‘s song stuck in my head when I hear the name of the newest brewpub around town, Brew […]
October 17, 2012

Mayberry + Founders Dinner

I am never in town on my birthday, it seems. It just works out that way (not a huge deal– bartenders are very kind to lone […]