May 31, 2009

Another blog added to the blogroll… $5 Dinners!

By far, the most successful food blogger in the Cincinnati area is the pretty darn awesome Erin, who runs $5 Dinners. She was recently on Rachael […]
May 29, 2009

Review and Update: Tom’s Pot Pies

I talked to Tom of Tom’s Pot Pies yesterday, and he gave me the scoop on his store and the future of the pies. Tom is […]
May 28, 2009

Review: Take The Cake

Take the Cake opened its new location in Northside quite recently.  Formerly on Main Street, and then a little further down Hamilton, Take the Cake is […]
May 27, 2009

Cooking with Caitlin: Coming to Fountain Square (or a TV near you).

Cooking with Caitlin, the website with the perky, yet classically-trained young female chef (named Caitlin, of course!) is moving… to TV! How cool is that? Fountain […]
May 26, 2009

Some new bloggers on the block.

Check out these new food-oriented blogs in Cincinnati: Cincinnati Bites: No idea who writes this, but love their style. Cincinnati Hound: not that new, but I […]
May 26, 2009

Taste Overview

You know, I wasn’t into Taste this year– I’m super busy, between work and theater (same with Terry) and just wasn’t feeling it. Fortunately, The Chocolate […]