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    Cincy Chic: Desserts!

    For the grand finale, we had some sweet endings– dessert! Chef Chris made crème brûlée, crème anglaise (a favorite go-to dessert of mine), chocolate mousse, bananas Foster and ...

    On July 4, 2008 / By
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    Review: Kellogg’s Country Kitchen

    Sorry I’ve been away so long, folks. In addition to attending Podcamp Ohio last weekend, I ended up down for the count for a few days due to ...

    On July 3, 2008 / By
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    Closing: Pacific Moon

    I just heard that Pacific Moon closed from someone who was going to start working there. “Due to unforseen circumstances, Pacific Moon is closed indefinitely.” How sad! Their ...

    On July 1, 2008 / By
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    Review: Mt. Adams Fish House

    Terry and I decided to go up to Mt. Adams to hang out last Saturday night. Despite living a mere mile or so away, we just never head ...

    On June 26, 2008 / By
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    Cincy Chic: Grilling

    Last week’s theme was grilling out. Chef Chris made “sliders” (those are so fashionable now, aren’t they?) as well as portabella burgers (for the vegetarians), some pasta salad ...

    On June 25, 2008 / By
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    Review: Balboa’s Cheesesteaks

    So, after the minor comment war after I panned Balboa’s at Taste of Cincinnati, Terry and I decided that we had to try Balboa’s in the restaurant, under ...

    On June 23, 2008 / By
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    Regulating dining out– what do you think?

    It’s not news that NYC has some of the most progressive (or, depending on how you look at it, regressive) food service laws in the US. They were ...

    On June 23, 2008 / By
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    Still under construction…

    …I’m still working on a template I like. This one may just stick for now, considering that Blogger likes to eat sidebars. Yuck. Meanwhile, I’m working on reviews ...

    On June 23, 2008 / By
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    I can has domain name?

    Lolcats do rule the world, don’t they? Anyhow, you can now reach my blog via The RSS feed has not and will not change– I just wanted ...

    On June 19, 2008 / By
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    Good stuff: Just Cured

    I mentioned that I had bought some Just Cured salmon last week– great, subtle flavors and it’s local! Val over at Cincinnati Locavore did a great post on ...

    On June 19, 2008 / By