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Copyright Notice:

wine me, dine me (in cincinnati),, the wine me, dine me cartoon logo and all images unless otherwise noted are copyright 2008-2015.  My posts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, non-commercial, no derivative works 3.0 license.

Photo Policy:

My photos are taken with either a Nikon D3000 (at home) or with my iPhone 6 using Camera +, which gives a good approximation of a DSLR, while not being quite so obvious.  I try not to make a scene in a restaurant by pulling out a huge DSLR, so remember, too that I’m not trying to win any art contests with my photos!

If you want to use a photo, please email me:  winemedinemecinci at gmail dot com.

Commenting policy:

I do not moderate comments, but I do reserve the right to remove comments that are personal attacks or otherwise do not contribute to the discussion.  I welcome constructive criticism– so don’t think I intend to censor people who disagree with me.  That’s not my style. We’re all adults, presumably, and should treat each other with a modicum of respect.  Golden rule, all of that.  Would you say your comment on the Jumbotron in the middle of Fountain Square, for everyone to see? If not, you probably won’t want to post it here.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Thumper’s mom was right. I’ve been seeing some really mean commenters on other local blogs lately. There’s a big difference, in my mind, between snarky and mean. Disagree all you want– blogs are all about opinion, and I will definitely not always agree with you– but leave the ad hominem attacks for Gawker.

Don’t post just to pimp your blog. We all want traffic, we all want readers, but get your readers because you’re interesting and have something to say, not by simply posting “I really love your blog!” or “Look what I wrote about that same subject on MY blog!” without any real commentary on what’s written.

Just because you link to me doesn’t mean I will link to you. Every blog I link to is one I read on a regular basis, one with content that is compelling and well-written, pertinent, signficant or maybe even funny.   However if you think there’s a blog out there I *should* read, feel free to email me a suggestion. I’m always glad to hear it!

Reviewing Policy:

I will often write about a restaurant after the first visit.  If it is a new restaurant, I will often go back.  I would love to visit multiple times, but as I fund all of my own dining experiences, my pocketbook just doesn’t allow for this.  If I’ve gone multiple times, I will note this in my review.

I tend to avoid chain restaurants, but if it’s local or an interesting, compelling chain– a small chain, or something recently expanded to Cincinnati– I might write about it.

I pay for nearly every meal out of my own pocket (or Terry’s). If I have not, for whatever reason, I will disclose it, but 99% of the time, it’s my own dime.  Yeah, I eat out a lot.

I do accept press releases at but cannot guarantee that I will post about them.

I do accept review items that are pertinent for my readers.  Cookbooks, products, kitchen supplies– I will attempt to review whatever you send.  email me at winemedinemecinci at gmail dot com.

Disclosure policy:

I do occasionally go to PR dinners or have free product provided to me for review.  If a product or meal is provided to me:

1) I can’t guarantee I’ll blog about it.

2) If I blog about it, I will give it an honest review, and as such, it may not be positive.

3) I do not accept payment for reviews.

I will also disclose if I, say, know the owner, server, busboy, whatever.  That does change the experience.

In the latter half of 2009, I had a business relationship with the Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment Group.  I am no longer contracting for them. My “day job” is in marketing, but in a completely unrelated industry.  I feel that contracting for restaurants in your food blog’s market is a conflict of interest, and am no longer open to contracting with Cincinnati-based restaurants as it could be seen as coloring my reviews.  Live and learn, right? (Now, outside of this area? Let’s talk.)

Do you make money off of your blog?

Well, that’s relative.  I pay for all of my meals myself (or The Better Half does, we’re into equality like that).  I also pay for my own hosting.  I do make a small amount of money from ads (they’re in the right sidebar).  Indirectly, I make some money writing freelance articles about food for various publications.  I assure you, the blog will not make me independently wealthy any time soon.

Do you have a culinary background?

I have never worked at a restaurant.  I consider myself a somewhat accomplished home cook, a voracious reader of everything– that happens to include cookbooks, food writing, magazines, blogs– and someone who generally likes to learn.  I consider myself somewhat more informed than your average consumer, but what I really want is to experience what Joe Consumer would experience at a meal– and then tell you all about it.

Do people know you at restaurants?

Some do, some don’t.   Most food writers in Cincinnati are well-known by restaurant staff, whether we show our picture or not.

Any other questions?

email me at winemedinemecinci at

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