Julie Niesen

April 8, 2008

The kitchen of the future…

…courtesy Mark Bittman. How bleak! I don’t know about you, but I very rarely use my microwave. In fact, I don’t think I’d really miss it […]
April 8, 2008

Recipe: Lazy Pasta

There’s so much truth in the saying that simple is better. Terry had rehearsal last night, and so did I (but in separate places– like, 30 […]
April 6, 2008

Mini-Reviews: The Precinct, Blackfinn and Cue

Friday night, instead of going downtown, Terry and I toured the East side. Though he’s lived here for a few years, he’s still learning his way […]
April 4, 2008

Review: Charlie Palmer’s, Washington, DC.

The Washingtonian’s Best Restaurants 2008 was an invaluable resource for us during our travels. No surprise to any regular readers of this blog, but my partner-in-crime […]
April 1, 2008

Review: Jaleo, Washington DC.

I’m back from DC! Thanks for all of the “I miss you!” comments. I really appreciate it. Thanks also for the restaurant recommendations. We were able […]
April 1, 2008

Review: Hugo

Shrimp and grits. If you ask anyone who knows anything about Southern cuisine, specifically low country cuisine, this is about the time you should get out […]