Julie Niesen

August 8, 2008

Review of BBQ. Not to be confused with BBQ Revue.

Though I’m pretty sure that Terry’s not into the white barbecue. Too funny. I promise real content later. copyright 2008, winemedineme/Julie Niesen. All rights reserved.
August 5, 2008

From the Garden

I finally had some tomatoes on my tomato plant, and I had plenty of basil, so last Wednesday night, I made a simple meal for Terry […]
August 2, 2008

Mini Review: Heartland Brewery

Hi everyone, from a computer at an internet cafe near Columbus Circle. Terry’s a big fan of these internet cafe things– and it’s definitely cheaper than […]
July 31, 2008

Heading off to the Big Apple…

Terry and I are off to New York! I have a few posts scheduled to post while we’re gone so you won’t miss us too terribly. […]
July 30, 2008

Review: Golden Rule, Irondale, AL

Because we’re talking so much about barbecue, here are a few pictures of The Golden Rule in Irondale, Alabama. I took these back in December, before […]
July 29, 2008

Re-view and Review of BBQ Revue

(Guest post by The Boyfriend) In the months that Julie has been writing this blog, we have both learned that the quickest way to ignite a […]