Julie Niesen

September 14, 2009

One more Bootsy’s Gift Certificate Promotion

If I had a nickel for every email I get about these… Bootsy’s is doing $50 gift certificates to the Waterfront tomorrow at lunchtime. Spend $15 […]
September 14, 2009

Greater Cincinnati Restaurant Week, September 14-19

Finally, I’m in town during Restaurant Week. To be honest, though, I don’t usually partake– I’m not into crowds, and have had some bad experiences in […]
September 14, 2009

Breaking: Shooting at Ambar India

I don’t normally talk about crime here, but I am just so saddened to hear about the manager owner of Ambar India (for the record, my […]
September 9, 2009

Apparently it is No Cat Day.

…or Anti-Caturday. Or whatever. So other folks are doing AntiNoCats. I’m going to jump off of the foodie bandwagon by posting a picture of my cat. […]
September 8, 2009

Review: Wildflower Cafe, Mason

Three times in one week.  I suppose that if I was trying to be a professional restaurant reviewer, every restaurant I’d go to would be visited […]
September 3, 2009

Review: Baconnaise and Bacon Salt

A few months ago, the guys behind Baconnaise and Bacon Salt offered me a PR package– try our products and write about them.  Easy enough.  Our […]