Green Bean Delivery: A Lifesaver!

Green Bean Delivery: A Lifesaver!

green bean deliveryI used Green Bean Delivery a few years ago. I liked the concept: a random box of vegetables and fruits!  Such creativity would be inspired by this weekly delivery!

It didn’t work out that way.

My travel schedule interfered. I didn’t cancel things.  I wasted a LOT of food. I felt really guilty — I hate to waste food — so I canceled the subscription.

When Green Bean Delivery suggested I try them again, they had a new format: you could buy groceries and customize your fruits and vegetables.  Sure! I’d give that a try.

Then, I broke my foot– my left foot.  Living alone, driving a stick shift– getting to the grocery store without inconveniencing anyone else was an impossibility.  I realized that Green Bean Delivery could save my butt.

I typically go to Whole Foods once a week with a set list: chicken, salad greens, some vegetables and fruits, and a few other staples.  After a little bit of price comparison, I realized that Green Bean Delivery wasn’t much more expensive — or in some cases, less expensive– than my weekly trip to Whole Foods.  I could get the healthy food I want without inconveniencing anyone!

Green Bean Delivery offers a variety of local, organic, and conventional produce and groceries.  Everything from Hartzler and Snowville milk, Weisenbarger Farms grits, Babushka Pierogies, Colonel De and Bourbon Barrel Foods spices and more.  A note: they have excellent meat and seafood, but it does come frozen. Consider that when planning your meals– I was surprised the first time, but it’s easy to plan around now that I’m aware.

If you’d like to try out Green Bean Delivery, use code WINEMEDINEME to get $15 off your first order!

Thanks, Green Bean Delivery, for providing me with a free box– but I will definitely continue to use the service for its convenience (at least until this foot heals!).