Tasty Bite: XīnXīnNàTí BiànDang

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XīnXīnNàTí BiànDang char siu

XīnXīnNàTí BiànDang char siu

I don’t think I’ve ever actually set foot into the Forum Apartments. Little did I know that hidden in the labyrinthine area of “suites” near the gym I’d find the pickup point of XīnXīnNàTí BiànDang.

Michael Kou, whose food you may be familiar with– his recipes were used for Tiger Dumpling– and his partner, Mapi De Vyra are at the end of a one week only popup for the University of CIncinnati’s finals week. They feature three items each day, and you need to order before the end of the day today if you’d like some of this delicious Chinese street food.

Tomorrow’s offerings? Roasted pork belly, braised pork with quail eggs, roasted duck, steamed chicken, soy sauce chicken, and their homemade hot sauce. Their prices range from $6.99-$9.99, and you can only order online.

I had the char siu — roasted pork marinated in a barbecue-style sauce, that gives it its distinctive red color. Served on rice with vegetables, it’s a fast and delicious meal for hungry students finishing up exams (or hungry food writers looking to find something different).

Try them out tomorrow by ordering here.

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