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Remembering Rosie & Bounty at Joe’s Diner

Remembering Rosie & Bounty at Joe’s Diner
  Elvis was on the jukebox. Lemon meringue pie was under glass. A fifty-five-cent cheeseburger was on the menu. And Rosie was behind the counter. IMG_2576
        Yeah. That Rosie.
        It was 1965.
        And for one day, it was 1965 again at the corner of 12th and Sycamore. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Quicker Picker-Upper, the people at Bounty transformed the old Joe’s Diner location into the Bounty Diner on Sycamore. And they invited the whole neighborhood to the party. IMG_8939
        Victoria Schooler of Bounty Communications said that the place had been swamped since breakfast service began at 6:00 A.M. At 4:30, the place was still packed. In addition to feeding guests on Bounty’s dime, the Bounty staff had festooned the diner with vintage and current Bounty products and memorabilia.  A display of billiards balls, being supported by a sheet of Bounty that had been soaking in water all day, was in view.
        And on the TV monitors above the counter, there were TV spots featuring actress Nancy Walker, who played the beloved and iconic Rosie in Bounty commercials for more than twenty years. To quote my father, that Rosie was a “real hoot.”
        Happy Anniversary, Bounty. Here’s to fifty more. IMG_4559