Best Bite: Sushi Bombs at Sushi Samurais

Best Bite: Sushi Bombs at Sushi Samurais

Secret: if you find the right, unassuming sushi restaurant, they are often better than trendier, more expensive places (and certainly less expensive). For a recent dinner with friends, we went up to Sushi Samurais.

sushi samurais

Though they have a limited menu of sashimi and nigiri, they specialize in rolls. They have an extensive menu of the ubiquitous half-price rolls, and they are delicious (with our large group, we tried several, and our server was spot-on with her recommendations) but the standout at dinner? The Sushi Bombs.

What’s a sushi bomb? As a friend said, “a little ball of heaven”. She’s not far off, if Japanese-style sauces are your idea of heaven (frankly, they’re pretty close for me). Take some crab salad and wrap it in thinly sliced salmon. Top it with “happiness sauce” (I’m not sure what it is beyond being soy-baed, but it’s delicious) and then torch it and top it with tempura flakes. It’s one bite, picked up with chopsticks, and it really is a little sushi bomb! There’s lots of flavor in one little bite.

While you’re there, check out their house salad, which looks like it might be a boring ginger salad, but the dressing has a great depth of flavor that is very unique and wash it down with their sweetened, shaken iced tea.

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