Ryan Santos Please Kickstarts for a Permanent Home

Ryan Santos Please Kickstarts for a Permanent Home

Pop-Up dinners are popular around the country, and for a year or so here, we had several running in various locations around the city.  The standout? Please, headed up by Ryan Santos.  That consistency — and creativity– has paid off, as Santos is now looking to fund his first-ever permanent home — via Kickstarter.

please ryan santos

He’s looking to raise $35,000 in the next 22 days (he’s about a third of the way there).  Donations range from $1 to $5000+, with incentives like a dinner for you and 16 of your friends anywhere in the Tri-state area (that would be for $5,000) to kombucha making lessons ($100) to a farm trip ($1000).  $50 will get you a peek into Santos’ pantry, with selections of vinegars, dried locally foraged chanterelles, pickled berries and vegetables and preserves.  Each one will be a bit different.

Interested? Check out his Kickstarter here, and take a look at the videos he’s produced throughout the five years he’s been producing Please dinners.

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