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eat play give provides brunch (and a whole lot more).

eat play give provides brunch (and a whole lot  more).

It’s that time of year: my favorite time of year, where I spend all week looking forward to eat play give and their brunch, which benefits the de Cavel Family SIDS fund.  It’s this Sunday, from 11:30-2:30 and will feature a wide array of dishes from some of your favorite chefs from across the area.


It’s really one of those events that is just plain fun.  I know — I go to a lot of them — that this is the one that is really special in every chef’s heart, simply because one of their own, Jean-Robert de Cavel, lost a child to SIDs.  Many of these folks have children themselves, and it’s always fun to see not just the restaurants represented, but the kids and spouses of the folks who are making delicious food.  Restaurants are families, after all, and for one day a year, the rest of us are invited in.

So what’s to eat?

I have the exclusive list of dishes for this year’s event.  Subject to change, of course, but man, am I hungry now.  Buy your tickets (still available!) at their website:

Jean-Robert’s Table: fennel seed French toast with bourbon apple compote

French Crust Café: candies and macarons

Ash/M: goetta grilled cheese

Boca Restaurant Group: butterscotch pot de crème, Ohio maple cloud, bacon and waffle crumble

Bouquet: chia salad with arugula, buckwheat, lemon confit, pecorino, Woodland’s ham

Café Mediterranean: falafel, hummus, etc

Coffee Emporium: espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, custom blend coffee

Cutting Edge Selections

Django Western Taco: huevos rancheros

Heidelberg Distributing/Ohio Valley Wines

The Horseshoe

Gigi’s Cupcakes (Florence, KY): assorted mini cupcakes

Grateful Grahams: bourbon spice grahams and peanut butter bars

Happy Chicks Bakery: horchata with Turkish chocolate chip cookies; mini fall vegetable quiches

Jimmy G’s: cereal with milk and fruit

Keystone: famous potato crisp

La Poste Eatery: smoked salmon mousse, 16 Bricks rye bread, citrus crème fraiche, pickled red onion,

fried capers, hard boiled egg

Maribelle’s: Kalamata spoon bread with goetta gravy, walnut frisee lemon salad

Metropole: smoked duck pastrami, rye pancakes with compressed pears and sorghum

Nicola’s: pork belly with granola and eggs

Orchids: house cured ham (Todd Kelly) caramel apples (Megan Ketover)

Oriental Wok: Faan Ke eggs

Otto’s: banana chocolate chip bread pudding

Park + Vine: Daiya cheddar potato Babushka pierogies

Red Feather: biscuits and jam

The Rookwood: CarbonarO’s: O’s pasta, Robiola cheese, sweet peas, housemade Red Wattle Bacon, sunny side up egg; Cotton Candy

Salazar: cured Coho salmon, avocado mousse, pickled red onion, mustard granola

Senate: ham, egg and cheese biscuits

The Summit: turkey sausage in puff pastry with grain mustard

Sung Korean Bistro: Portobello mushroom Galbi

Taste of Belgium: waffles topped with Jean-Philippe’s chocolate

Via Vite: goetta hash


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