The Rookwood: Upland

The Rookwood: Upland

The guys at The Rookwood /Cheapside are always up to something.  Earlier this year, they decided to do a field-to-table dinner– hunting pheasant to be served at the Rookwood.  They’ve put together a nice video on the process– very cool.

We so rarely, in the conversation about food, bring up hunting. We talk about farmers and sustainable, ethical farm practices, but very rarely about actually hunting, killing, and preparing the animal for cooking.

The Rookwood upland pheasant dinner

Before we domesticated animals for food, we hunted, and there are still plenty of people who do so today.  I’ve had amazing venison that couldn’t be more local, rabbit– all sorts of food generally unavailable at a grocery store.  The hunters I know who hunt for food (not exclusively for sport) use as much of the animal as possible, with little waste.  Why?  That animal gave its life for our table. Very different from commercial, mass-market livestock raising that has led the detached, plastic-wrapped relationship with have with food (and animals) today.  Things are changing– restaurants as large as Chipotle and as small as Cheapside appeal to the new-found interest in ethical food– but we still have a way to go. I’ve never hunted personally, but I can’t think of a better way to responsibly eat meat. Take a look.


Upland: a field-to-table story from BLANKSMITH COLLECTIVE on Vimeo.


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