Review: Gorilla Cinema’s Pulp Fiction Dinner

Review: Gorilla Cinema’s Pulp Fiction Dinner

Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie.  No, really.  Ezekiel 25:17 was our “scripture” at our wedding.  We have cats named Mrs. Mia Wallace and Esmerelda Villa Lobos.  Eric Brass’ “Royale with Cheese” hangs in our living room. We are BIG fans.  When I saw that Gorilla Cinemas, an effort between Jacob Trevino (Salazar, Japp’s) and Martha Tiffany (Maribelle’s) was debuting with a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction, I decided we had to go– especially since the price point was great: $35 per person.

Even better was how excited The Better Half was about the event.  He doesn’t get excited about food events– they can be pretty predictable– but watching his favorite movie and, potentially, eating a Big Kahuna Burger?  He was in.

I didn’t get a chance to take many shots of the meal (it’s rude to have your phone out during a movie!) but I was impressed by the thought that went into this menu — and the timing.  Most courses were perfectly timed with the movie moment that inspired the dish.  We drank some coffee porter as Pumpkin said, “Garçon, coffee!”, the cinnamon pop tart was delivered as they popped out on screen, and we drank spiked coffee during the cleanup of the scene that inspired the sweetbreads.  Some were obvious, some were visual, but it was all very well thought out.  The food and drinks were, on the whole, delicious and detailed: the burger (made with braised short rib in pineapple juice, I think) was wrapped in waxed paper with a Big Kahuna sticker; a lime-thyme powder looked like a line of cocaine.  The food (and their pairings) ended up being cute and kitschy without being obvious or trite; only one misstep was a grainy piece of fudge.  All in all, a stellar first event.

Next up is an event that involves Mad Tree and beer (that they say will have an even lower price point). I’m looking forward to trying it out.  Keep and eye on Trevino and Tiffany– I think we’ll find some really interesting things coming from Gorilla Cinemas in the months to come.

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