Read This: Senate Street and Savory

Read This: Senate Street and Savory

It’s kind of cool when people you know do cool things.

Dan and Lana Wright opened up Senate about four months after The Better Half and I bought our condo in Over-the-Rhine. At that point, I’d lived here for about two and a half years, and the only restaurants nearby were Lucy Blue’s window and Lavomatic.  I fell in love pretty quickly with Senate’s food, and Dan and Lana themselves. They’re great neighbors, and as passionate about Over-the-Rhine as anybody.  I’m also a big fan of both Courtney Tsitouris and Donna Covrett, their co-conspirators on the cookbook.

mussels charmoulaIt was fantastic to see so many people coming out and buying cookbooks on Wednesday, when Senate hosted a launch party for its cookbook, Senate Street and Savory.  I couldn’t wait to get home and leaf through the cookbook. It’s got great stories from Dan, Lana, and others who work at the restaurant, a lot of cursing, beautiful photographs and some fantastic recipes.  While I don’t know that I’ll make hot dogs regularly, I know the onion rings (which need to be on the menu regularly, Dan) and several of the condiments will move into my repertoire.  Oh– and Mussels Charmoula, too, so I won’t be embarrassed to drink the broth when I’m out of mussels.  Well, and a few of the cocktails.

Pontiac, if you’re wondering, is set to open in August.  In the meantime, you can make Senate’s barbecue sauce to hold you over.  You can snag your own copy at Senate, Abigail Street, or at Joseph-Beth Booksellers.


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