Review: Zooted Delivery + Meatball Kitchen

Review: Zooted Delivery + Meatball Kitchen

IMG_4673Hanging out on either coast for work has really spoiled me. I’ve complained in the past about the lack of delivery options— until recently, La Rosa’s and King Wok were pretty much our only delivery options.

No more.

Two delivery services have recently opened in Cincinnati: Zooted and CincyBites. Both of them partner with local restaurants, and deliver a full menu to your door with a nominal delivery fee (plus tip, of course).  I’ve been busy with work, and didn’t have time in between calls to either make lunch or run to someplace like Bakersfield to grab a quick bite, so I decided I’d try them out.  The window was a 45 minute delivery period, so I timed it for right after one of my calls ended.

Zooted was easy to use– pick a restaurant, create an account, add your credit card number, and in addition to restaurant food, they also provide the “Zooted Convenience Store”, which delivers things as diverse as candy (King Size when available) to diapers.  Pretty neat.

The order– some meatballs and sides from Meatball Kitchen in Corryville– came in about 45 minutes, maybe a smidge longer.  They called to let me know they were there, and handed me my bag. Since the tip was provided, I didn’t have to search for cash (though you can, of course, tip in cash) and the driver was wearing a Zooted t-shirt, so I’d know it was the correct delivery person.  They even included napkins and a fork.  The food was still hot– and I could eat it as I joined my next call.

As far as the food?  Meatball Kitchen allows you to choose from different sorts of meatballs as well as sauces.  I went for the turkey meatballs, which were firm and held together well and flavorful– you could see bits of herbs in the ball.  As far as sauce, I chose their tomato sauce, which was also good.  I picked two sides as well: a smoky , creamy slaw and garlicky sauteed kale.  It was a filling (but not overly filling) lunch that I look forward to trying again in the restaurant.

And yes, I’ll try CincyBites the next time I need delivery– and report back.

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