Mini-Review: Mike-Sell’s Cincinnati Chili Chips & Buffalo Puffcorn Delites

Mini-Review: Mike-Sell’s Cincinnati Chili Chips & Buffalo Puffcorn Delites

I grew up with bags of Mike-Sell’s the potato chip of choice at parties. Never any fancy flavors.  Never Grippos (something I didn’t discover until I was an adult). Just plain Mike-Sell’s, which I learned early on were different because of peanut oil (it said so on the bag, after all).

So when Mike-Sell’s offered to send me a couple of bags of their new products, including a Cincinnati Chili-flavored chip, I figured: why not?  A big secret: I pretty much *never* keep chips in the house, much less flavored ones.  Why? Because I love savory, salty snacks.  When we travel, The Better Half always goes for the chocolates (Milky Way Rolls from the UK are his favorites, followed closely by Kinder Eggs) and I go for the weird flavored chips: Doner Kebab in Germany, Poulet roti in France and Belgium, Paprika from Canada.

I was, admittedly, unreasonably excited about a hometown-flavored chip.  It’s okay that Mike-Sell’s is out of Dayton.  Close enough, right?

The chips are the thick, ridge-cut kind (which they call “Groovy”, as opposed to the Old Fashioned, thin kind I grew up on) and coated in a flavor powder that really does evoke the essence of Cincinnati-style chili:  a little spicy, a little sweet, with a touch of Greek-style spices like nutmeg, clove, and just a hint of chocolate.  The single-serve bag went pretty quickly.  I’ll likely buy a bag again– probably for a party, so I’m not tempted to eat them all by myself.

They also included a bag of Puffcorn Delites, which are interesting little hull-less popcorn bites.  My grandmother used to get the cheese popcorn version of these: her fingers were constantly a slight orange color.  I get my taste for savory and salty honestly, I suppose.  I’ve never been a huge popcorn fan, which I attribute to years of braces, but these little melt-in-your-mouth popcorn bites, this time Buffalo-flavored, are really nice.  I think I’ll stick with the chips, though.

Both items available at major grocery stores, and Mike-Sell’s also ships.  You can create your own case, too.