Giveaway: Penn Station

Giveaway: Penn Station

If you didn’t win the Art of Food tickets, I’m sorry– but I do have a chance for you to win $20 to my favorite local guilty-pleasure chain.

Penn Station is not an “authentic” cheesesteak — they use real provolone and add banana peppers, not wiz and weird pressed steak like they do in Philly — but I absolutely love it.  My choice of hair stylist may or may not be related to the fact that they are next door to a Penn Station (Alicia, just kidding). I remember the first time I went (coincidentally with said hair stylist) how much I loved the spicy, savory, utterly fattening combination.

I still do, obviously. Their fries are some of the best quick service fries in town– cooked in peanut oil, fresh to order.  Their bread is good, everything’s fresh– I go there as often as my conscience lets me (which is about 3x a year).

This month’s special is the Cheesesteak, their classic sandwich.  I tend to get mine with provolone, mayo, onions, mustard and peppers.  Sometimes, I’ll skip the meat and do a grilled vegetarian — everything above, no steak.  I’m a fan of the chicken teriyaki, too.  The Better Half likes the reuben.

What’s your favorite Penn Station sandwich?  Post in the comments and enter the giveaway to win a $20 gift certificate — that’s good for several sandwiches.

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