Queen City Cookies: New Cafe + Downton Mania

Queen City Cookies: New Cafe + Downton Mania

IMG_4108Oh my gosh, did you see Downton Abbey on Sunday?

If you did, don’t tell me, because I haven’t had a chance to see it.

Peggy Shannon is about as obsessed with Downton as I am, and she has cookies that are perfect for any Downton viewing party, complete with pithy sayings by everyone’s favorite Dowager Countess.  They’re adorable. And delicious.  Resist the urge to just keep them and enjoy them, instead.

IMG_4109Beyond her cookies, Shannon has opened up a beautiful space in Northside, just up the road from Wordplay and Django Western Taco, in an old church.  Her Cafe may be my new quiet “get out of the house” space: bright colors, friendly staff, inspirational quotes everywhere.  Not just cookies and schnecken anymore, the Cafe includes lots of baked goods from Doug Faulkner, formerly of Take the Cake.

Faulkner’s offerings vary, but I recommend trying his raspberry sandwich cookies and the best gingersnaps I’ve ever had with just enough ginger bite.  His lemon bars are also fantastic, and don’t forget the Brooksters, which are a brownie-oreo-cookie mashup.  Fine.  Just try everything.  You can also get schnecken bread pudding– but please share this. It is amazing, but super rich.  Actually, if you ate the whole thing, well– I won’t judge.

IMG_4110Shannon also has a full line of schnecken, with everything from plain (which is anything but), chocolate, apple-bourbon, and blueberry-vanilla (which is perfect for a time of year when I want to think about spring!).  I also am a big fan of her shortbread cookies– the little, elephant-shaped ones that have adorable stories all over the boxes.  They make great gifts: the chocolate-chipotle and rosemary-sesame are the ones I keep around.

Top this off with an extensive coffee bar, and a liquor license in the works for things like coffee with liqueurs and Champagne with tea, and this is the perfect place to hole up with your laptop or enjoy an afternoon with your girlfriends.

Speaking of, check out the cafe on February 9th when Peggy Shannon will be hosting Molly Wellman and a Women Helping Women Sunday Salon.

Oh– and open up the medicine chest in the bathroom. Just do it. I won’t tell.

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