Miss me?

Miss me?

deltaSometimes, you just need a break.

Between gathering signatures, a new position at my company and spending only four days at home since December 16th, with trips to San Francisco, Columbus, Paris, Prague, Zurich and San Diego (where I’m flying right now), I’ve been a little busy. Blogging hasn’t been a priority.

However, it’s not like I can stay away. This year marks the sixth anniversary of wmdm, and with all of the wonderful new restaurants opening, both downtown and across the city, I’d be remiss to abandon this (and you). Here’s what I’m looking at focusing on this year:

1. More healthy stuff. Last year, I started working out, but you don’t see results unless you also focus on diet. While I won’t be giving up everything (that’s no fun), look for some focus on healthy recipes and healthy choices at local restaurants.

2. More reviews.  There’s so much to talk about!  You’ll see the first new one on Monday.

3. More in-depth reporting.  How this will look is TBD, but the first will involve a local pop-up restauranteur.

4. More local events.

5. More cocktails (you know they’re my favorite).
What else would you like to see from wmdm in 2014?