Art of Food: Friday, February 28th

Art of Food: Friday, February 28th

Art of Food gets bigger and better every year.

Each year, chefs and artists take over the Carnegie with food-themed art, both edible and not. The exhibit runs through March 16th, but the best time to go is its opening night on Friday, February 28th.  The event includes bites from chefs all over the country, art, and this year  a special “unbirthday”  tea party hosted and designed by Pam Kravetz, featuring video, sculpture, and other surprises.

The chefs featured:

Alfio’s, Chef Alfio Gulisano

Chocolates Latour, Chef Shalini Latour

Coffee Emporium, Tony Tausch

Cup Cake Crazy, Chef Lisa Ebbert

Eat Well Celebration and Feasts, Chef Renee Schuler

Fireside Pizza, Chef Mike Marschman

Fresh Table, Chef Meredith Trombly

Jean-Robert’s Table, Chef Jean-Robert deCavel

Jeff Thomas Catering, Chef Steve Waddell

La Poste Eatery, Chef Andrew Mersmann

Metropole, Chef Michael Paley

Otto’s, Chef Paul Weckman

Senate, Chef Daniel Wright

Taste of Belgium, Chef Jean-Francois Flechet

The Metropolitan Club, Chef Kelsey Yerger

The Rookwood, Chef Jackson Rouse

Virgil’s Café, Chef Matt Buschle

Wunderbar, Chef Nathan Chambers

The visual art is also fantastic.  Last year I picked up a piece from Eric Brass that involves Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction.  You can guess how that’s food related.  Tickets are $35 for members, $50 for non-members, and sell out quickly.  Purchase them on The Carnegie’s website.