Review: Holtman’s Donuts

Review: Holtman’s Donuts

20130916-111206.jpgIf you were anywhere near a) Over the Rhine b) Facebook or c) Twitter this weekend, you know that Holtman’s opened.

Holtman’s, with locations in Loveland and Williamsburg, opened their latest outpost in Over-the-Rhine. Coincidentally, across the street from my gym, and I swear this morning I could smell sugar and fat as I did tricep dips.

It’s a good thing I crave savory and not sweet, or else I’d be in trouble.

After a soft opening on Friday night, The Better Half grabbed some donuts for us to try on Saturday morning. They are indeed cheaper by the dozen, so we tried a bite of several. A few standouts:

Maple Bacon Donut: Yeast donut, maple frosting, bacon. Yeah, it’s pretty tasty. Donuts are so sweet that the savory bacon really balances things out.

Pumpkin Spice donut: Yeast donut with glaze, which tastes a bit like pumpkin bread. Nice.

Glazed: The gold donut standard, and this one is a little heavier and has a creamy texture. Very nice.

I have a feeling they’ll be packed every morning for the next few weekends, but if you have a sweet tooth, this is your place.


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