Jenny’s Homemade Cookies

Jenny’s Homemade Cookies

sweet milliePeople constantly suggest I try things. “Julie, have you…?” “Julie, you must try…” Often, it’s a family member’s small business or restaurant, sometimes it’s neighborhood pride.

Over the past few months, I’ve heard this suggestion several times: “Sweet Millie cookies from Jenny’s Homemade Cookies, have you had them?” The most recent time was when a group of women at Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris struck up a conversation with me (I guess something about the six cocktails in front of me made it look like I needed to talk). They were from the West side, and when they heard I wrote about food (okay, I get a little defensive when I have six cocktails in front of me) and said, “Oh my gosh, have you tried Jenny’s Homemade Cookies? They’re the best!”

Later, when I brought these cookies up to a friend who lives in Bridgetown, she scoffed. “Yes, you’ve had them at my house.  Would you like me to pick some up for you to officially try?”  Well, yes. So thank you, Tracy, for these cookies.

Jenny Chasteen has been making cookies in Bridgetown since 2002. Her signature cookie is the Sweet  Millie, a butter cookie topped with buttercream frosting.  These remind me of my grandma’s Christmas cookies (but better): thick, rich, and fun (the frosting is always brightly colored!).  Chocolate chip cookies have also been “perfected”: big chunks of chocolate, chewy cookie, and a little crispness.

I also tried the dark chocolate chip and white macadamia chip; both are great.  Jenny’s does gifts, custom orders, and sells cookies from her Bridgetown location, as well as a couple of other locations on the west side.  You can order online, too. I’d highly recommend heading over to her shop to grab some cookies yourself.  They are the idealized homemade cookie: good ingredients like Grandma used to make (but better).

You can also find the cookies at events:  it’s the official cookie of Coach Calipari’s foundation, and Marvin Lewis is a fan, too.

For more information, check out her website or check out her store at 6143 Bridgetown Road.