Tasty Tuesdays: Mary Jane Brownies

Tasty Tuesdays: Mary Jane Brownies

Mary Jane Brownie Company

I’m a sucker for a good brownie. I like mine to be chewy, not cakey and have a minimum of nuts. My favorite brownies are Sugar Daddy’s in Columbus– one of my favorite hotels up there is fortunately (or unfortunately, for my waistline) across the street from their shop, and their Brownie Biscotti, made from the edges of their brownie pans, are fantastic.

Locally, I notice we’re not into brownies too much– cookies, yes, but a good brownie is a little harder to find. Enter the Mary Jane Brownie Company (named for the owner’s mom, not what you think). They’re a Bad Girl Ventures finalist, and have a variety of brownies made with organic ingredients, sold on both their website and in local stores like Madison’s at Findlay Market.

I tried three varieties, which they sell in two sizes: regular and mini. The mini is perfect if you want just a bite of brownie, the regular could be shared (or don’t share, that’s OK too).

My only complaint about the brownies is that they were crumbly– unwrapping the Super Funk Chocolate Chunk and Bad Girl White Chocolate Raspberry Blondie resulted in the brownies breaking in my hand– but the flavors are great.  I especially liked the raspberry layer in the Bad Girl brownie.  They’re local and organic, and because of that not inexpensive– $3.50 for a brownie at Madison’s, or $22 for a half-dozen on their website.

You can pick them up at City Flea, the Strauss and Troy Market on Tuesdays on Fountain Square, and at these local retailers:

Aquarius Star (Clifton)
Lehr’s Market (Milford)
Lookout Joe (Mt. Lookout)
Madison’s (Findlay Market)
Redtree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop (Oakley)

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