Giveaway: Totally Bamboo’s Puzzle Party Platter

20-7661 Puzzle2_61-1Guys, I’m pretty klutzy.

Seriously. Despite growing up with ballet (I do still perfectly point my toes, and have REALLY good Balanchine-esque hand positioning at times), I am constantly bumping into things, dropping things, all of that good stuff.  Gravity has a particularly strong effect on me, apparently. This is particularly disconcerting at events, where you are balancing a handbag, a program, a glass of wine and a plate of food while navigating around people and talking.

It’s amazing I haven’t ruined more dresses with splattered sauces or wine.

When I got a pitch for Totally Bamboo Puzzle Party Platter, I was intrigued.  To be honest, the puzzle thing is sort of kitschy, but the purpose is fantastic:  it’s a platter (interlocking, so you could use these as a display for individual dishes as well) that has a hole for your wine glass.  No more balancing act; you can just stand there non-chalantly as you hold your eco-friendly (bamboo is a renewable resource!) kind of cool platter.  They come in sets of two, so you could grab a few sets for your summer picnic or a wine-and-cheese party, or for pizza rolls.  I won’t judge.  I prefer the straight ones to the curved ones, but you could get a set of both and do all sorts of things with them that I’m sure are totally creative (but I’m not quite that creative; sorry).

I will, however, give away a set of these babies!  I’m using Rafflecopter for this giveway, so  enter right here!  enter here.

Full Disclosure: The lovely folks at Totally Bamboo gave me a set of these to try, but that didn’t affect my review.  They’re also providing a set as a prize.