Carriage House Farm hosts Outstanding in the Field

A couple of years ago at the first FoodBuzz Blogger conference in San Francisco, the final night was hosted by Outstanding in the Field. All of us– and there were probably 100 or so– packed into a distribution warehouse, surrounded by food that would be sent to stores and restaurants across the San Francisco area. We ate local food, passed family-style, in a communal setting. I couldn’t help but sit there and go, “Man, I wish one of these would happen here”.

That’s the idea behind Outstanding in the Field– get people who are interested in food to eat where food is made and grown, cooked by people who understand local, seasonal ingredients.  It’s great fun, and you learn quite a bit about the food, your surroundings, and your new friends.

Four years later, Cincinnati gets their first Outstanding in the Field dinner, hosted by Carriage House Farms and executed by Chef Michael Paley of Metropole. The dinner is Sunday, October 13th, 2013, and t

ickets will be available on the Outstanding in the Field website beginning March 20.

Check out the website for Outstanding in the Field to learn more about the concept, and as soon as tickets are live, I’ll tell you all about it.