Cincinnati Magazine’s Top 10

March Cincinnati Magazine

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again… my favorite time of year, actually, when the Cincinnati Magazine Top 10 Restaurant list comes out.  For the past few years‘ lists, click here.

1. Orchids at the Palm Court

2. Jean-Robert’s Table

3. Nicola’s

4. Senate

5. Abigail Street

6. Cumin

7. Via Vite

8. Dutch’s Larder

9. Bouquet

10. Eli’s

For those who are counting, Hugo, The Palace, Boca and Sichuan Bistro fell off the list (Hugo because it’s now closed). There’s always one “surprise” on the list– this time Eli’s.  If the list is about high end service, Eli’s makes no sense, but the trend in dining is towards a small menu done very well– and Eli’s is the best barbecue in town, hands down, and you can fill your belly (and soul) for under $10.  Dutch’s Larder is similar– though it’s not as expensive as some of the restaurants on this list, you can get some amazing charcuterie or a sandwich, paired with a beer.

Featured New Restaurants:


Jimmy G’s


Quan Hapa

Mantra on the Hill

What do you think are the top ten restaurants?  And what is your favorite new restaurant?