Bites: Escargot at La Poste


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that escargot exist only to be vehicles for garlic and butter.*

Don’t try to argue with me there. If escargot weren’t traditionally soaked in garlic butter, green with parsley, Bourgogne style, would most people eat them?

Thought so.

I had my first escargot encounter on my first trip to Paris in 2007. I was charmed by the shells, the tongs, the tiny fork, the endless bread to soak in butter. Okay, the snails themselves were nothing to write home about, but garlic and butter can’t be bad.

I now try escargot just about any time I see them on the menu. I’ve ordered Taste of Belgium’s many times, which are very traditional Bourgogne style, with a smidge less parsley. I’ve ordered them around the country, to varying degrees of deliciousness. Sometimes they’re little, black balls that you could bounce off the nearest wall, sometimes there isn’t enough garlic, and sometimes they’re just plain oily. I’d say I eat them about once every two months or so.

When visiting La Poste recently for a bite before Kate and I saw “Amour,” I saw escargot on the menu and when Kate said she was game, ordered them. I figured, from the description, that they’d be fairly typical escargot.


The escargot are certainly treated with some butter and garlic, but the sauce is thicker, and even better on the accompanying bread that Bourgogne-style. There’s a heavy hint of sage, which lends depth to a dish that could be one-note. The escargot were perfect– not rubbery, but tender. The whole-grain, toasted bread held up to the sauce. I think I now have the ideal escargot, the ones that get compared to other escargot. Katy and I fought over the last bite (she generously allowed me to have it). Accompanied by an After Hours (Campari and soda; apparently Chef Dave Taylor’s favorite drink

If you think you don’t like escargot, try these. If you love escargot, these will reignite your romance.

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* Yes, I’m an Austen fan. How could you tell?

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