Cincinnati’s Ahead of the Curve

Whenever someone tells me that Cincinnati’s dining scene is nonexistent, I want to hit them. Look, we don’t have the population density of NY or Chicago or LA, so we’re not going to have that same kind of restaurant density, either. What we do have? Great purveyors, easy access to farmers, and a ton of talent.

So when I saw that the New York Times did a prediction piece on food trends in 2013, I laughed a little.

We are way ahead of those guys.

Cincinnati is nothing if not innovative– we have cool people doing cool things entrepreneurially, whether that’s a tech startup or nationally-recognized restaurants.  This list isn’t intended to be all-inclusive, just off the top of my head.  Head to the comments to add your favorites.

Their top 10 (and where you can find them in Cincinnati):

Long-Aged Meats:  Goodness, Jimmy Gibson has been doing this in town for years– both at Jeff Ruby restaurants and his own Jimmy G’s.  Please is doing some long-aged meats as well.

Smoked Everything: Eli’s, Metropole, smoQ, Virgil’s

Sunflower: Please (Sunchokes for dessert)

Artisanal Soft Serve: Okay, we don’t have this one (yet).

Chicharrones: Senate, any other pork-oriented restaurant in town

Raw Winter Vegetables: Kale salad at Anchor

Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce: Somebody’s got to be working on this one, right?

Pig Tails: Senate

Pig Ears: Quan Hapa

Fermentation: Please, Fab Ferments

Salumi 2.0: Local 127, Metropole, A Tavola, Enoteca Emilia

What do you think will be the next big food trend?

9 thoughts on “Cincinnati’s Ahead of the Curve”

    • TOTALLY forgot about this stuff, mostly because I’m so obsessed with the toasted marshmallow on top that the vehicle (the soft serve) becomes secondary. Great catch!

  • I was intrigued by the restaurant named “Please” above, but I have been unable to find it listed anywhere. Am I missing something?

  • I hope that pop-up dining will continue to trend. Cincinnati’s many food festivals present an opportunity for many restaurants to have pop-up presence no matter what neighborhood.

  • Word! I’m so excited by all the new foods and restaurants in the area! And, I day dream about Anchor’s Kale Salad and tell anyone who will listen about it. Trying to recreate it at home (coming pretty close), so I can have it anytime I want it! Loved my first of hopefully many visits to Quan Hapa. Looking forward to Alfio’s. And Malaysian in Mason (Straits of Malacca), yes please! So many great places to try! And the increasing number of local beers; my heart is full and so is my stomach!

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