Bobby Flay to Open Cincinnati Restaurant

Bobby Flay– you guys know him: Food Network, Mesa Grill, Throw Downs, restaurants on the coasts and in Vegas– will be opening his first restaurant in Ohio at the Horseshoe Casino on March 4th. His Bobby’s Burger Palace features an array of unique burgers and fries, because apparently that’s Flay’s favorite thing.  Hey, one of mine too!  I wonder if he’ll do a Cincinnati burger to go with his Dallas and Buffalo-style burgers?  Bobby, I suggest it involve either goetta or Cincinnati-style chili.  Call me.

I’ve had his burgers at Mesa Grill in Vegas– they were pretty good.  I’ll certainly try it once it opens here.

12 thoughts on “Bobby Flay to Open Cincinnati Restaurant”

  • Julie, his place in Atlantic City drew boos from the restaurant critic at the “Philadelphia Inquirer” as I tend to agree with those reviews, I’d wait until it’s open awhile to try it. My own experience, hopefully it won’t apply here, is that casino dining and food is secondary to gambling. Las Vegas is the exception.

    • We’ll see if the quality is the same as it is in his Vegas or New York restaurants. I’d hate to see subpar quality just because we’re in the Midwest.

      • A few years back I went to Mesa Grill in New York. It was absolutely delicious. I had a steak, not a burger, but I hope his burgers are worth it. The menu looks a little lackluster, and I’m hoping for a bit more.

    • Like I said– I had the burger, it was pretty good. I’ve had better here. I’ve had worse. I don’t know that I would choose to eat at his restaurants as a destination if I were out of town, nor do I think you or I are the target demographic for this restaurant.

  • I too have been to the Mesa Grill in Vegas and had one of his burgers there! Outstanding and Cincinnati has no clue what they are in for with this place. Can’t wait. If you need company on your review PICK ME! LOL

  • Are we sure he knows how to find Cincinnati admist his growing empire? Not many of which are in the Midwest or Northern South as I refer to Cincinnati tastes in many comments that I make to myself. I can see forthcoming a burger topped with Cincinnati Chili (get in line Skyline or Gold Star) cheese and chopped onions. My heartburn & embarsement are already starting! We shal see what Julie has to say when it opens…..Best of luck to everyone – especially Cincinnati eater!

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