November Events

Sorry, folks, that I’ve been MIA– new job and responsibilities are taking up a ton of time, and I’ve been on the road (I’m currently in Denver).  There are, however, some amazing events coming up that revolve around food that I’d like you to know about:

  • The Golden Lawnchair, based on a post by my friend Laura Arnold (also known as Cincinnati Nomerati) has sold out, but they’re still auctioning off some great Cincinnati food-related experiences and there will be an after party.  It’s a great cause and she, along with Josh Campbell from Mayberry, have put in a ton of work– so check out their Indiegogo site and come to the afterparty, or wait for the online auction of the last two tickets.  It’s November 18th at Mayberry on Main.
  • The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society puts on an amazing event at the Newport Aquarium on Saturday, November 10:  Taste of the World features beer and wine from the Party Source and food from local businesses like Frieda’s, Pit to Plate, Dewey’s, Madisono’s, Chez Nora, Coffee Emporium and Taste of Belgium as well as some very generous chains. It’s a pretty cool venue– they don’t do a ton of events there, so when else can you drink wine with the jellyfish? There’s also a VIP ticket available that gets you a private area to eat, some very special spirits and wines to taste, and a bigger donation to the society.  Tickets are still available, just head to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s page.

What’s your favorite event that’s coming up in November? Share here.

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