Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

For longtime readers, you know that Thanksgiving is a big deal at Chez WMDM. The Better Half has his traditional dishes, and I experiment. We have our friends over for a “friendsgiving”, where everyone brings their favorite dishes and we eat and drink and make merry. If you’re looking for recipe ideas, I have a few for you from Thanksgivings past.

Also, if you want a turkey, there are several options.  Ours are from Cedar Lane Farm in Eaton, OH.  They have a handful of turkeys, between 8-10 pounds, left if you need one.  They’re a heritage breed, and the guy in the corner is their dad, Bill.  We had their turkeys last year and they are fabulous.  One of ours will be smoked, and the other steamed and roasted a la Jacques Pepin.

As far as dishes go…

Cranberry-Bourbon Sauce:  quick, easy and really good.  It also makes a good sandwich spread the next day.

Terry’s Chicken Dressing: a very Southern classic (and a great story, too).

My dressing and sweet potato casserole: pretty classic.

Brussels Sprouts: one with freshly smoked and cured Berkshire bacon (that I did myself, thank you!) and one without for my vegetarian friends.

What’s on your Thanksgiving table this year?  Share recipes!