Review: Goodfellas and Wiseguys

UntitledI love it when my friends disagree.

One friend invited me out to drinks and suggested Wiseguys for their craft cocktails. “But don’t try the pizza downstairs. It’s really terrible. 3:1 cheese/crust ratio. Just bad.” Another friend, upon me mentioning I was going to Wiseguys said, “The pizza downstairs is so good! Perfect balance of cheese and crust. You have to try it!”

I take that as a challenge.

Goodfellas Pizza, with the Godfather-esque logo and tiny dining room, has an upstairs cocktail bar called Wiseguys. The idea of a bar above a pizza joint is genius: when you need to soak up all of the tasty cocktails, what do you do? Go downstairs. Or, I think, if you’re really nice, they’ll bring it up to you.

After having a couple of drinks upstairs, I headed downstairs to try the much-debated pizza. My cheese slice, as big as my face, was fresh out of the oven, gooey with cheese (not too much), just enough sauce, and a crisp, yet chewy crust. It was foldable, and could easily be shared.  I picked up a gigantic breadstick too, covered in Parmesan. Next time, I’ll skip the bread stick: even though it, too, was fresh out of the oven, it was dry, bland and really not worth it for me. I had a bite and threw the rest away. If they don’t have a pizza fresh and ready, it takes about 10 minutes to get an order– they seemed unprepared for a small rush when I was grabbing a slice. It was worth the wait.  I’d definitely get their pizza again: it reminds me a bit of the slices I’ve had in New York (as it’s intended to).

Upstairs, in a bar that is almost swanky, but still really comfortable (black leather couches, baseball on the TV, a killer bourbon selection) My cocktail, made with St. Germain, Prosecco, rhubarb and rosewater, was a little on the sweet side but still very good. My friend ordered a bourbon and yellow Chartreuse-based drink, which was also on the sweet side but good.  They also have a side called “Dames” which has the typical sugary-sweet, vodka-based drinks. I avoided those.  They have a great beer selection, too– lots of craft beers, and they rimmed my Rivertown Pumpkin Ale with graham crackers (surprisingly good!).  Service was friendly, prompt and drinks were reasonably priced.

With their good, classic-based cocktails, great environment and pizza at the ready, Goodfellas is a place I’ll definitely revisit.  Oh, and the great pizza controversy? We figured out that it may have had something to do with when she got it: late night.  I’m wondering if the recipe changes a little bit after midnight to accommodate the slightly inebriated clientele (more cheese and grease, less hangovers?).  Who knows.  At 9 PM on a Wednesday, it’s darn good pizza.

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