YMCA: Hudy 14k, Workout Clothes & Routine

UntitledI completed my very first any-K on Saturday.  The Hudy 14K (I did the 7) was pretty fun.  It went across Mehring Way and Dalton Street, and for the first half I got to walk with my friends Fred and Claire.  The second, I was on my own, so I got to spend a lot of time looking around and seeing things I don’t normally see (you can’t be very observant about anything but the road when you’re in a car, right?).  For example: did you know that the Flour Dropoff for Butternut Bakery used to be a police station?  And you can see, on the side of Longworth Hall, an old B&O Railroad freight station (complete with Art Deco typography).

I also learned a few other things:

1. My old gym shoes didn’t cut it.  There is enough support in my old ones for going to the gym, but not enough for actually pounding pavement.  That was quickly remedied by a shopping trip yesterday.  My knees (which are bad from years of dance as a kid) will thank me.

2. I VERY much prefer walking outside to walking inside– there’s a goal, stuff to look at, and I don’t feel like a hamster on a wheel.

3. I really, really like getting cardio done early in the morning.  I don’t mind doing weights in the afternoon, but cardio, for me, is better in the A.M.

So as of today, I’m on my 17th workout since I started on August 31.  I’m averaging 5 workouts a week.  I haven’t really lost any weight– I think at this point I’m gaining muscle, and I’m noticing things like abdominal strength (I no longer look like an idiot getting off the weight bench and I can reach higher with crunches) and my yoga practice (sun salutations and the like) are easier, because I’m stronger.   My clothes fit a little better.

What am I working on next?  Mona, my trainer, says I should make sure I get five days of cardio in each week.  Have I mentioned I hate cardio?  I LOVE lifting weights and doing ab work.  I’d love any tips you guys have on making indoor cardio more interesting.  I’m also working on diet– so at least during the week I’m eating healthfully, and most of the weekend as well.  I’m having Monika over tonight, and though we’ll be drinking some wine, I’m going to make sure to crack open the Sparkpeople Cookbook for dinner suggestions.

I also will be traveling for work next week– yes, I got a new job!  My office will be in Columbus, though I’ll work here, and I need to spend a week with the team.  I’ll ask Mona how to cope with working out on the road (and I’ll have a couple of Jillian Michaels videos on my laptop too).  What are your travel workout tips?