Sean Daly Joins the National Exemplar

Sean Daly, formerly the owner and chef of Hugo in Oakley, has joined the National Exemplar as their executive chef, operating partner, and executive general manager.  Hugo, whose lease expired and had planned a reopening across the street from the National Exemplar, will not be reopening.

According to the press release, Daly said,  “After extensive due diligence, I found it was simply not the right location for me,” he said.  “However, I remained committed to being in Mariemont and could not pass up the remarkable opportunity to work with the National Exemplar. The partnership enables me to get back faster to doing what I love, and to create an exceptional dining experience.”

He will begin on September 10, and guests shouldn’t expect too many changes too soon, but he’ll be increasing the focus on local produce and meats.

6 thoughts on “Sean Daly Joins the National Exemplar”

  • Sorry to learn that Hugo will not re-open in the space next to the theater as originally discussed. It would have been a VERY welcome addition to Mariemont Square. However, having Daly’s talents at the Exemplar is a decent consolation prize. I wish him well there.

    • I was thinking the same thing– I’d have loved for Hugo to have moved to the square, but as long as he’s still in Mariemont, it’s still a win for your community! (I’m a former Mariemonter who still loves that area.)

  • Wow. What a scoop! Happy Daly staying in town. He’s very talented and innovative. Our dining scene needs creative chefs like him.

  • Sorry to read that Hugo won’t reopen. I really enjoyed the She Crab Soup and other low country dishes. Guess it’s back to Charleston for me…

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