What’s For Dinner retiring, eat well cafe and takeaway to open

O’Bryonville’s staple, What’s for Dinner, owned by Mary McMahon and Toni Davena, will be closing due to the retirement of their owners (congratulations, ladies!). In its place, Renee Schuler, who owns eat well celebrations and feasts will be opening a cafe, eat well cafe and takeaway, which will continue What’s For Dinner’s tradition of easy, takeaway meals but also include breakfast, lunch and early evening meals in-house. The cafe will open in November.

Schuler trained in New York at restaurants including Picholine, Tabla and catering for Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  She returned to the Cincinnati area to head up the kitchen at Murphin Ridge Inn, and later opened eat well celebrations and feasts in 2005, located in Newport.