Review: Wolf & Co.

My last meal with Alex Shebar, former Yelp Cincinnati community manager and current Yelp London community manager, was a lunch to discuss one of his events (and generally just catch up). He picked the place, as he hadn’t tried it yet– Wolf and Co., which is near the Kenton County Public Library in Covington, Kentucky.

Wolf and Co. hasn’t been open terribly long– a few months– but already seemed to have a dedicated fan base. They serve sandwiches and soups in a tiny restaurant during lunch hours (though they’re doing dinner once a month until they get their liquor license).

When I walked in, I was greeted by the exuberant cashier, who told me all about the menu and recommended his favorites. When Alex joined me, we managed to pick both of the cashier’s favorites:  Tuscan white bean puree and bitter greens sandwich and the grilled white cheddar with apple butter, green apples and Shadeau’s cinnamon raisin bread.

Neither Alex nor I could figure out which one was our favorite: they were both delicious, though I’d give a tiny edge to the grilled white cheddar sandwich, as I’m a huge fan of sweet grilled cheese sandwiches.  The Tuscan white bean sandwich was unusual but not too adventurous– good for the lunch crowd, but still of interest to those that want a bit more interesting lunch.   Each sandwich was served with a side salad (with a homemade vinaigrette)  and chips.  Everything is made fresh, and they do well with the simple, quality ingredients they get locally.  I wish every sandwich shop took as much care and had as much enthusiasm as these folks.  Plus, they’re reasonably priced– you can eat lunch for under $10 with little effort.

Their monthly dinner club is $50, and the next one is September 6.  You can find out more on their Facebook page.

As a side note, the cashier also led us to the best donuts I’ve had in a very long time– but that’s another post (and was a bit of a wild goose chase).  He was batting .1000 between his lunch recommendations and the donut followup, so I’m guessing if he says something good– it is.

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