ZZ’s Pizza Closes, New Concept to Follow

Ben Chassagne and the owners of the Summit Restaurant Group, which owns ZZ’s Pizza, have decided that after almost two years in Walnut Hills, they will be closing on their second anniversary, October 28th.

Says Chassagne, “As much as I love and believe in Walnut Hills, the area and perception are not changing fast enough, to continue to fight an uphill battle.   Great things will happen in Walnut Hills in the next few years, and Walnut Hills development group has a vision and more importantly great, passionate leadership- and I look forward to supporting them and see the transformation.   I am actively working on a new project, with my sights on OTR, and harnessing all of my energy to try to make it a reality.”

Hours are as follows: closed Mondays & Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays open 5-9 (Wednesday will now be half-priced wine night), Fridays 5-10, Saturdays 5-10, and Sundays 4-10.

10 thoughts on “ZZ’s Pizza Closes, New Concept to Follow”

    • Matthew first of all nobody is blaming the neighborhood. An email exchange that I had with Julie was far more in depth than the excerpt she posted on her blog. As a resident and business owner in Walnut Hills, I have more pride and love for where I am than you will ever be able to grasp. The closing of TE restaurant after 3 years was my decision, based on things that transcend any issues with the neighborhood. Obviously you are a real estate expert and also have a firm grasp on the hospitality industry and small business ownership and along with every other topic in the city, made apparent by your 160 blog posts- which would explain why you were unable to ever enjoy our award winning food. So good luck in finding another story to comment on tht you know little to nothing about and contribute your two cents, the city is desperately waiting to hear how Michael W. Hall feels….

      • Ben,

        As a patron of ZZ’s pizza I know that the food and service WERE good, and that poor location had a lot to do with lack of business.

        Further, I actually AM a real estate expert and I am always willing to help out any time you need advice. I’ve called the store many times before you closed, knowing the building was for sale and a location in one of the redeveloped storefronts on E. McMillan could improve business. My # is 513-939-4884 if you no longer have it, and my email is zschunn@pcreohio.com. I have connections with owners in OTR and would be more than happy to help you find a space.

    • Matthew W. Hall, I have to say that the food, the service, the atmosphere, the heart, the soul – well, I could go on and on with positive comments about ZZ’s, but I just know you will blast what I have to say considering you seem to live for your blog postings. I hope that you will step back from your computer long enough to visit this establishment and try the food for yourself. I love the pizza, salad and desserts there and wish I could go more often, but I live in West Chester and that is just a hike for me. Besides, neighborhood perception does have a lot to with whether or not businesses fail or succeed. Were you around for the riots back in 2001? Look at what happened to Main Street. I am sorry…is that too logic minded for you to wrap your head around?

    • Never had a bad meal or service there… Wish I could have been in town more often to support this great establishmment! Looking forward to seeing what the Summit Resstaurant Group does next….

  • Second anniversary on Oct 28th? I know they were open in March 2010 — my wife was at Christ Hospital and I picked up a pizza from there. I think they had reopened a little while before that.

  • ZZ’s is the best pzza in town! The salads are amazing and the dessert is to die for! I am so upset about the closing news. I will definitely have to take advantage of ZZ’s before they officially close!

  • For
    a while it was good to see a restaurant worth checking out on Gilbert SOUTH of
    E. McMillan. I wish the ownership
    all the best for their next endeavor but doubt I’ll make an effort to check it
    out. I probably ate at ZZ’s four times and thought the food good enough (the
    banana pie was great but made out-of-house) and think I also visited on about four
    other occasions only to see that dining hours had changed. My most confusing
    experience was when two friends and I arrived to see others eating, sat down at
    the bar, were given menus only to have them taken away a minute later with
    apologies that the restaurant was going to close early that night (this was
    around 7:30PM). When we asked why, the explanation was that the kitchen was
    hung-over from a Vegas trip. I had tacked this up to the grind and
    stress of small business ownership until my friend posted this experience on
    ZZ’s Facebook site only to be dismissed by the owner and told she didn’t know
    what she was talking about. I thought that reply was so silly given that a
    short mea culpa or acknowledgement in response would easily have smoothed our
    confusion and re-inspired our appetite. When I read the response to Matthew
    Hall’s comment below I can’t help but think of that Facebook exchange.

    final take on ZZ’s: a valiant but understaffed effort with erratic hours and touchy ownership.

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