Recipe: Fried Cheese Grits

(Mini-post by The Better Half)

Is there anything better than crispy, browned melted cheese? The edges of baked mac & cheese, for example? Or the overflow from cheese toast that sticks to the baking sheet? (My sister and I used to fight over that one.)

After a tasty encounter with Flipdaddy’s crispy grilled mac & cheese on Saturday, I decided to cook something I hadn’t made in ages: fried cheese grits.  The allure of fried cheese grits, for me, is the aforementioned crispy cheesiness.

Search the internet, and you’ll find scores of recipes for fried grits.  No two will be exactly alike, but they will all adhere to certain principles: (1) Make your favorite recipe for cheese grits (and if you don’t have a favorite recipe, I humbly and meekly suggest this one). (2) Put the grits in the refrigerator until they are thoroughly chilled.  (3) Cut the chilled grits into slices, approximately half an inch thick. (4) Fry the slices in a nonstick skillet with butter or vegetable oil (or a mixture of the two) over medium heat until brown and crispy on each side.

The grits can be served alone for breakfast or as a side dish at other meals (the final product is virtually identical to fried polenta). They can be served plain or topped with syrup or marinara sauce or anything else that sounds good to your taste buds.

(Tip: Chill the grits in an oiled loaf pan for easy slicing.)