Review: Yum! Gourmet Cupcakes and More

UntitledI think cupcakes are here to stay.  Everyone’s been saying that macarons are the next cupcake, but I’m not finding dedicated macaron shops in Cincinnati, while cupcake shops are still popping up all over (and they’re not dying out in other major cities either– there was a line at Sprinkles in LA when I drove by, and I hear that Magnolia Bakery is still going strong in New York).  Yum! is the latest addition to the Cincinnati cupcake community.

UntitledYum! Cupcakery, in a tiny storefront around the corner from Oakley Square, sells cupcakes, cake pops and cupcake “ice cream cones”. Let’s face it: cupcakes are a dime a dozen (okay, more like $20 a dozen on up) so it takes a little bit of creativity to impress me, as well as the proper cake-to-frosting ratio (more frosting than cake, please).

Yum! is a really big storefront with sparse product.  On a Saturday afternoon, they had about a dozen cupcakes, total, in just a couple of flavors.  We picked three flavors: Hot Fudge, Double Chocolate and Blackberry.  The Hot Fudge was the best, topped with a cherry and filled with marshmallow cream.  I’m not convinced the marshmallow cream was homemade, but it wasn’t bad and the entire presentation was impressive.  The Blackberry (which I rescued from a tray that said “Day Old, $1”) was good– the frosting had nice blackberry flavor, and the cake didn’t suffer from day-old dryness.  The chocolate was OK– not a super-rich chocolate, more of a milk chocolate.

I hear they sell out often, but that even if you get there first thing, there aren’t many to choose from.  I suppose that this is the chicken-or-egg syndrome:  if you bake too many and they don’t sell, your margin goes down.  If you bake too few, people are unhappy that they don’t have choice, and then don’t come back.  There’s a happy medium somewhere, and I hope that owner Peggy Bailey figures out that happy medium, as the biggest complaint I have– and that I’ve heard– is the lack of variety compared to other cupcake shops in town like Sugar and Abby Girl.

The prices are pretty good: $1 for the day-old cupcakes, $2 for fresh.  If you’re in the neighborhood, try them out.

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