Review: Taqueria Yolandita

UntitledI spent some time in Columbus with the Experience Columbus folks and a group of bloggers, and I think we were all amazed at the large variety of taco trucks in the Columbus area.  I’ll be writing about them soon (promise!), but I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out where the taco trucks are located in Cincinnati: the ones that cater to a Latino crowd, and not hungry urbanites (nothing wrong with hungry urbanites– I am one).  There are two that I can think of: Tacos Locos in Oakley and Taqueria Yolandita.

I’ve driven past it for ages, as my hair stylist is in Price Hill and the truck is located on Queen City Avenue. It recently moved a few blocks down, to Queen City and Quebec, which was fine with me– a bit more parking and easier to get on and off the road. My stomach was rumbling after a particularly long highlighting session and I was about to head to Nashville for a wedding (that’s another post), so I decided to pick up a couple of tacos.

Taqueria Yolanita serves a few items: tacos, burritos, gorditas and tortas with a choice of filling: steak, chicken, barbacoa, and chorizo. I couldn’t decide which kinds of tacos to get, so she decided for me: steak, chicken and chorizo. She’ll ask you if you want onions and cilantro (yes), lettuce and tomato (no), radishes (yes) and salsa (green and red, please).     I took them back to the car, opened up the container and snapped a picture, wanting all the while to take a bite (or two) but I knew I had to get on the road.

Once I was on the highway, I grabbed the steak taco and bit into it.  Mental note: do not eat a taco in the car.  They are delicious– messy, so very messy– but not for the car.  In fact, I ended up having to make an unintended stop in Louisville to pick up Tide pens to rescue my favorite navy and white striped shirt (as well as finish my tacos).  The only one that wasn’t messy was the chicken, which was dry (I wouldn’t order it again), but the barbacoa and chorizoa are both richly flavored, juicy and a little spicy.  I loved the green tomatillo salsa, and if you want more heat, the red is perfect.

Next time, I’m going for a barbacoa torta– might be a bit more travel-friendly.  It’s worth a trip to South Fairmount, and the prices are good– three tacos ran me $6.

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