Asian Food Fest– Saturday and Sunday

Miss me?

At least I’m coming back with something you really must attend.

Asian Food Fest, I insisted last year, would be way more popular if it were downtown. The Donauschwaben, where they were located last year, is remote and kind of hard to find. Mind you, I didn’t actually tell anyone this– well, besides the cats. Apparently, the Asian Food Fest organizers heard my conversations (I doubt the cats told), and moved it to The Banks, making it one of the first big events down there that doesn’t have to do with sports.

Asian Food Fest features food from familiar cuisines, like Thai and Indian, as well as some cuisines that are not as familiar to Cincinnati palates, like Filipino. It kicked off a few months ago with a cook-off series (which I judged) where various home cooks competed for the best congee, curry, asian barbecue, and fried rice.  I met a lot of really great people there, and one of the participants (who won two best curry awards) will be there as well– Henna Grover from Kurrylicious.  Look for a feature on her in a couple of weeks.

So head down to the Banks, pick up some banh mi from Pho Lang Thang, chole from Kurrylicious and Filipino barbecue from Mapi’s Barbecuehan and wash it down with Tea and Bowl’s bubble tea (I adore bubble tea!) any time on Saturday between 11 p.m. and midnight or Sunday from 11-9 p.m.  In between bites you can check out demonstrations of Asian dance, music and martial arts.