Review: Tot Dogs

UntitledI heard about this from Eggplant to Go, and on a recent Friday afternoon when I had taken the day off, trotted down Vine to check this little place out.

And it is little– if you want to eat, you need to stand, as there are no tables or chairs.  There’s simply a counter where you can order your job, grab some napkins, and go (I suggest walking a block or so north to the Library’s garden and eating them there).   I ordered two dogs– their special, which was


spicy chicken sausage with apple butter and cheese (it sounds odd, but it was unexpectedly good) and cheese as well as  a Kosher dog with asian slaw.  The dogs were great quality– a nice snap with that first bite– and the toppings were nice, too.  Good quality– somewhere just below “gourmet”, which for $9 for two dogs is OK by me.

I chatted with the folks who were running it– the kids of the owners of Lucy Blue.  They’re looking to eventually stay open late night for the bar scene.  Their dogs are perfect for an inexpensive, quick meal after some bar hopping.

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