Mini Review: Pizza Bomba

Pizza bombaI finally got a taste of Pizza Bomba, what I’ve been referring to as the “next, mythical food truck”– mythical because they were on Twitter, but not actually making pizza for quite a while. Thank goodness they got a few truck issues resolved and are now on the “actual” list and myth no more. What impresses me most is that Pizza Bomba makes many of their own meats: bacon, guanciale and sausage. The dough is made on the truck as well (impressive– those trucks are tiny).  I picked up a sausage and pepperoni slice at the Yelp Helps event. Correction: The Better Half picked one up and didn’t get me one, too. He offered me his crust. Not fair. So I grabbed one of my own and understood why he kept it for himself: it was hot, cheesy, and the meat was fantastic. The crust was a little chewy, but foldable– good pizza. I’m looking forward to trying other slices (including, I hear, a tremendous mac and cheese pizza?).

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