Vintage Restaurant Menus

My friend Monika pointed me out to some really cool menus for sale on eBay— all from landmark Cincinnati restaurants, most of which are now closed.

  • Frisch’s Mt. Vernon
  • Iron Horse Inn in Glendale (looks to be from the 60s)
  • El Greco (I remember my mom talking about going there and I remember their campaign of “An Italian restaurant with a Spanish name…”
  • The Terrace Room
  • Beverly Hills Supper Club (a Playbill from 1950)
  • Shuller’s (on Reading, not the Wigwam on Hamilton)
  • Lookout House
  • The Blue Star
  • Tom House
  • Flame

I love old menus– they tell you so much about the people (and food) of a particular time period.  I want a bonded Manhattan for 80 cents! Or Planter’s Punch for 90 cents.