Review: The French Lunch Tray at Jean-Robert’s Table

UntitledI took a day off a few weeks ago and, finding myself downtown, decided that I needed to eat lunch out. I tweeted that I was doing so, and immediately got two nearly identical responses: “Go try the lunch tray at Jean-Robert’s Table.” Easy enough.

The French Lunch Tray is a 4-course, prix fixe menu that is available only at the bar during lunch hours. The menu changes weekly, and always includes a salad of some sort, soup, an entree, and a dessert. It’s $14, and honestly, easily split between two people (though I don’t think that’s allowed). It’s a lot of good, quality food for one person.

On the day I visited, the soup was cauliflower, the salad a quinoa salad with apricots and banyuls dressing (my favorite part of the meal by far, and later featured in Table’s dish at Art of Food), the best chicken “pot pie” I’ve ever had, made of confit chicken in puff pastry, and a raspberry cream tart.  It’s a nice way to slow down a bit on a busy weekday.  The service at the bar is prompt and friendly, and the price (and menu)  more accessible than the dinner menu.

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