Diner en Blanc Coming to Cincinnati This Summer

As an unabashed Francophile, I keep up on what is going on in my favorite city– via blogs, friends in Paris, or occasionally coverage in a US publication, like the New York Times. I remembered reading about Diner en Blanc in the Times last year, as they were just about to launch a Diner in New York City.

Diner en Blanc, in case you’re not familiar, is an invitation-only soiree that is essentialy a “pop-up” dinner. People, dressed in white, congregate at a local landmark (in Paris, for example, Notre Dame; in New York, they used Battery Park). Each table has a “head”, who is responsible for organizing the table’s attendees, and each member of the table is responsible for bringing their own picnic dinner. Everything is white: the clothes, the linens, the plates. When they’re finished, they pack up their belongings and go– leaving the place as clean (or cleaner!) than when they got there.

Right now, Diner has just launched their Cincinnati Facebook page, touting this as the “must-attend” event of the summer with a limit of 1000 attendees.  No details on date or much less location– which is always announced last-minute, to prevent party-crashing and to build some suspense– but as I find out more information I’ll share it with you.

Here’s a shot from the Diner en Blanc at Les Invalides a few years ago, used under Creative Commons license from Guillaume.