Review: Mama Lo Hizo

Mama Lo HizoOh, tacos.  They’re seeing a resurgence, as I’m sure you’ve noticed– and savvy eaters are leaning more towards the authentic than the Americanized.  Enter Mama Lo Hizo, a Mexican-themed stall at Findlay Market.  They’re not selling super-authentic tacos– no goat or tripe here– but some pretty solid choices with fresh ingredients.  You can grab tacos, burritos, bowls and nachos as well as a small selection of Mexican grocery items.  The standout item, though, is their nachos– a generous portion of corn tortilla chips, topped with really good, not-too-spicy queso blanco, your choice of meat (I like steak, but chicken and ground beef are also available) and pico de gallo (their mild is a little spicy, with big chunks of jalapeño,but not unbearably hot).  The portion, which runs $6, is huge– I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and about 1/4 of the portion was plenty for me.  I doubt that I’ll seek out Mama Lo Hizo’s nachos or tacos over, say, Taqueria Mercado’s or Dinastia Latina’s, but this is a great, quick alternative for a bite at Findlay Market.

The owner, Mark Whitworth, also runs the “Mama Made It” kettle corn stand on the outside of the market. Pop (no pun intended) outside for some kettle corn too– it’s perfectly salty and sweet.

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